A Smart hiring tool for a smart age

TOMS has one main purpose; to fulfill your hiring goals in a smarter, faster and cost-effective way. The way to do that? Utilizing AI and digital platforms to shift, sort and tailor searches to your requirements. Whether it’s customized templates for job descriptions, video promotions, social media, LinkedIn, job portal searches or real-time tracking, TOMS upgrades your hiring strategies by giving them the boost they need.

How does TOMS benefit my business?


Reduces the time that you need to sort through hundreds of resumes by shortlisting the right ones


The days of waiting for recruiter replies are long gone with open lines of communication between both the candidate and the employer


Whether it's framing the perfect job description or finding the right term, inbuilt assets make your hiring process a breeze


Different methodologies including voice-based hiring functionalities optimize searches for both white and blue collar profiles


The TOMS platform also includes background verifications, along with online testing, career counseling and learning portal to find that perfect candidate