Reduce cost of hiring by

TOMS generates a real-time hiring funnel of best candidates from all your hiring sources

Identify the best candidate in

1 Minute
TOMS Intelligent algorithm scans thousands of resumes in just a few minutes and ranks the best

Cut down time to hire by

TOMS Pre-qualifying methodology integrates video conferencing, online testing, BG verifications and more...

Reduce recruiter fatigue to

TOMS frees up recruiter's time to bond with candidates better and onboard

Once upon a time,
Recruiters and Hiring Managers sorted
through hundreds of CVs.

That is until a group of recruiting and tech veterans from Silicon Valley decided to do something about it. They wanted to create a modern tool specifically tuned to hiring requirements of the 21st century.

The result: TOMS

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Pairing you up with the talent you are seeking.

An Explorer

TOMS always finds the right profile for openings across verticals and businesses.

A Matchmaker

Single hires or high-volume recruiting, TOMS is your corporate cupid for talent acquisition.

A Learner

The more TOMS reads, the smarter it becomes. Smart enough to know who, when and what you’re looking for.

A Guide

Whether it’s job application or acceptance, TOMS keeps you in the loop at every step.


What’s that? Well, essentially, it’s making sure that the right hire is always a simple choice.


AI, predictive analytics, machine learning. For simple, efficient analysis


Saves work hours by optimally sorting through job and candidate profiles


An open platform that keeps you updated at every step of the hiring process


Search for jobs and candidates across the corporate spectrum

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