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HR Head

As the head of HR of your company, we realize your top priority is to ensure that your team and resources are being used efficiently and effectively in the recruitment process. To aid with your overall decision-making, TOMS platform provides you with key assets such as:

  • Information for strategic business decisions related to human capital
  • Market data across verticals
  • Overall branding to reach out to diverse employee database

Hiring Managers

The first rule of any hiring manager is to find, engage and connect with the right talent as quickly and efficiently as possible. TOMS helps do just that by connecting hiring managers with resources and data to streamline and optimize the hiring process

  • Define your position and engage with recruiters
  • Connect and seamlessly integrate the right talent into your organization


Who should I be looking out for?
Where’s the best place to find them?
How do I reach out to potential candidates?

TOMS provides recruiters with the answers they’re looking for by sorting and recommending talent that best fits the bill.

  • Leverages social media, Whatsapp and other instant messengers to connect with talent
  • Reduces fatigue by filtering, sorting and recommending profiles
  • Builds trusts between candidates and hiring managers with a transparent process


Wondering what happened to that resume that you sent to the dream company that you applied for?

  • TOMS pairs you up with the job prospects that perfectly match your profile
  • Provides you with detailed information about the company, hiring manager and positions
  • Keeps you updated at every step of the hiring process

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